2019 - Tina & Basil on the road - Scotland - The Orkney Islands Tour - Explore the roads of Mainland & Hoy

Tina & Basil Wolfrhine visited the Orkney Islands of Scotland to produce a lot of new stuff for SchottenRadio & SchottenTV. They produced a few video clips, reports and loads of photos

Join us and relax on a journey though the romantic isles of the Orkneys. No disturbance, no stress. just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Our driver of the offical SchottenRadio Mobile will take you to the beauties of the Orkney Islands.

Explore the roads of Mainland and Hoy. We will take you to the Old Man of Hoy, the truly spectacular Rackwick Bay, the mysthy Ring of Brodgar, the Standing Stones of Stenness, the famous village of Skara Brae, the wrecks of scapa flow, the historical places of Kirkwall and much more.

A big Thanks to our photographer Stefan Dumke!

The Orkney Islands Tour - Mainland & Hoy -