2021 - Tina & Basil on the road - Germany - On the trail of the dragon

Tina & Basil Wolfrhine visited the famous Drachenburg castle on the Drachenfels. The Drachenfels is a mountain in the Siebengebirge on the Rhine in Germany between Königswinter and Bad Honnef. Due to its prominent location above the Rhine Valley, the ruins of Drachenfels Castle, its use as a subject for Rhine romanticism and an early touristic development, it became widely known in the 19th century.

A popular derivation comes from the legend about a dragon that is said to have lived on the mountain. A reference to the Nibelungen saga was made from this, but this has not been proven. However, there is the Nibelungenhalle including an old dragon halfway to the Drachenburg. With a little imagination, the dragon can still be seen today.

Gaby joined the tour and took a few amazing photos.

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